St. Paul's Bay

St. Paul's Bay

St. Paul's Bay is a sea-side Town situated in the north east of Malta, sixteen kilometers from Valletta. Its neighbours, Bugibba, Qawra and Xemxija are also considered to be part of this locality.

According to tradition, in AD 60, Saint Paul was shipwrecked on the isles on his journey from Caesarea (in Israel) to Rome. The isles, named St. Paul's Isles, are situated in St Paul's Bay. Nowadays, this small island features a large statue of St. Paul in commemoration of this event which the Maltese people believe laid the foundations of Christianity on the islands.

Up to the early 1800's the area was virtually uninhabited. At the beginning of the 20th century there were not more than 200 people, mostly fishermen. 

The Saint Paul's Bay of today is very different. Over the years the area developed into a modern tourist area. There are some very pretty natural highlights and the bay still hosts a collection of fishing boats which give the place a quaint, picturesque outlook. The old part of the Town is for the most part residential; laden with traditional Townhouses and small Apartment blocks with very little tourist accommodations or amenities.

The town boasts of beautiful scenery, made up of large expanses of green plateaus and high ridge areas overlooking steep valleys. The waterfronts Apartments enjoy views over the beautiful blue Mediterranean Sea, and the rocky promenades. The area is fantastic for water sports with snorkeling and swimming being very popular.

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