Commercial Sales & Rentals

Commercial Sales & Rentals

Over the years the islands economic success has triggered the interest of foreign investors and international businesses from all over the world. The demand for commercial rentals in Malta has risen and continues to rise. Entrusting a professional commercial agent with countless years of experience in the commercial real estate market is imperative, at SQL we guarantee the best commercial service on the island.

We have trained, experienced professionals that will assist you and guide you in the best options that suit your business requirements. Having one of the largest commercial property inventory's on the island, whether you are looking to relocating your business, expanding your current operations or simply looking at investing in commercial real estate, we have all the right ingredients.

Renting an Office

Browse through the various options we have to offer, our dedicated commercial consultants have the knowledge, experience to assist and guide you through all the procedures, to propose the ideal office for your company within the given criteria. If you are searching for a shared office, multi storey office block, business center, office within a high rise tower, office campus or large open plan space on one floor, we have all the options at our fingertips.

Quality and standards may vary according to pricing, location and size.

Renting Restaurants, Cafes, Shops and Warehouses

Once again our interest is solely in offering a experienced professional service. When it comes to renting a restaurant, café or shop procedures may vary compared to commercial office space, our experience in the market is imperative in guiding you, we know the market and we have the best options available

We kindly invite you to contact us with your query or requirements and one of our commercial consultants will assist you immediately.

Published: 01 January 2022
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