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We believe in keeping things simple and thus we have provided you with the necessary information one would require when moving to a new country. We are sure that the information given below is the basic information one requires however, rest assured that by simply contacting us via email or telephone we will be able to assist you and any questions you may have about the Maltese Islands and day to day life in Malta and Gozo.
The Maltese Islands

Malta, the Island in the heart of the Mediterranean consists of 3 main islands, namely Malta (approx. 240 sq. Kms), Gozo (approx. 67 sq. Kms) and Comino (approx. 2 sq. Kms). The population in total is approximately 400,000.

Coming to Malta

From any country in Europe you can come to Malta by air, which on average would take no longer than 3 to 4 hours. There are direct flights from all major European cities to and from Malta daily.

Basic Information About Malta

Visiting another country of deciding to move permanently is not easy task. You might worry about your accommodation, privacy, security and hundred more things. We are therefore answering most of the common questions we receive.

Buying Procedures for Maltese Nationals

Tips for the first time buyer - It is of utmost importance that purchasers know their rights and limitations when taking what possibly could be one of the most important decisions in their life; the purchase of a property.

Establishing Residence & Obtaining Citizenship

Residence permit is required when a person intends to reside in Malta for a period longer than three months. A residence permit is usually issued for persons taking up studying in Malta, working in Malta or persons who are economically self-sufficie ...

Standard Rental Terms & Conditions

We are including a list of standard rental terms & conditions for you to know prior to committing yourself to a rental agreement. The main terms & conditions consist of payment terms, the deposit and the commission.

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