Naxxar is a town in the central north of Malta, and it is spread over an area of eleven kilometers squared comprising the villages of San Pawl tat-Targa, Birguma, Maghtab, Salina, and Xwieki, part of Madliena.

Naxxar was already inhabited thousands of years ago and this is evidenced by the caves, the cart ruts remains of the Bronze Age period. Punic tombs as well as Catacombs were also discovered in the locality.

According to tradition the people of Naxxar were amongst the first to help the survivors of the ship that went aground on the rocks; the shipwreck of Saint Paul. Many believe that the name, Naxxar, was inherited after this event with Nassar (Nasra) meaning 'conversion to Christianity' or "Nsara" or "Nazaroei" which means 'Christians' or 'the teachings of Christ of Nazareth' and thus "Nozri". There are however other factors indicating that the people of Naxxar were the first to convert to Christianity; the Parish of Naxxar was the first in the Maltese outskirts.

The centre of Naxxar, clustered around the main church, is still very typical of the Maltese villages with narrow roads and typical character homes and farmhouses built with traditional materials and boasting an abundance of features and sunny courtyards. Right next door to the church, dedicated to Our Lady of Victories, lies the majestic Palazzo Parisio famous for its café within the large, meticulously landscaped gardens.

Naxxar is also home to 11 chapels, the most famous being the chapel of San Pawl tat-Targa which gave the name to the locality in the outskirts of Naxxar. Nowadays San Pawl tat-Targa and neighbouring Birguma are associated with Malta's most exclusive homes, mostly villas overlooking country views over Salina and Maghtab.

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