Mosta is a town situated right in the middle of the island, to the north-west of Valletta. Mosta has many legends such as the Mosta Bride (L-Gharusa tal-Mosta) and a lot of historical places such as the Victoria Lines and Medieval chapels. A lot of traffic passes through Mosta as it connects the South to the North.

Mosta, that was just a small and un-kept village, developed considerably in the last 75 years. Its uneventful history has long been superseded due to events that took place during WWII. One seemingly ordinary Sunday, on 9 April 1942, mass was interrupted by an air raid. An Axis bomb pierced right through the church's much-prized Dome and crashed to a halt on the floor of the church, failing to explode. The event is still considered to be miraculous by the Maltese. The detonator was removed and a replica bomb is now displayed in the Dome as a memorial. 

The Mosta Dome, or the Rotunda of St Marija Assunta, is the third largest unsupported dome in the World. The church, dedicated to the Assumption, was designed by George Grognet de Vasse, a French citizen who lived in Mosta. The Dome took 27 years to complete, but the result is a tourist attraction of world standard. Grognet, after having tested stone samples from most Maltese quarries, found the right stone in a quarry in Mosta. The stone color of the Rotunda has taken a spectacularly yellow/orange colour after years of bathing in the Maltese sun.

A short stroll around the town's backstreets will take you into the heart of typical Malta. The old streets have remained undeveloped for the most part and are lined with typical town houses with their limestone facades and Venetian Balconies. These exteriors are highly misleading for many of these inconspicuous frontages hide the majestic houses of character within which in many cases are Aladdin's caves of antiques, internal courtyards and gardens - all highly desirable on the local property market.

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