Attard is slumbering romantic village located at the centre-most point of Malta. Attard's motto, 'Florigera rosis halo', means flower perfumed air due to its many citrus orchards and flower gardens.

Attard lies halfway between medieval Mdina and the capital, Valletta. Due to Its position, Attard was always at the centre of transport and communication projects between the two. First was the Wignacourt aqueduct, completed in 1615, built to solve the problems of Valletta's drinking water supply. Then, in the late 19th century came the railway, a service which lasted only until the 1930s. 

Attard is one of the so-called Three Villages, along with neighboring Lija and Balzan. It used to be the smallest of the three, but is now by far the largest of them. Many wealthy families built summer residences here in the early years of the 20th century, and the Three Villages are still considered an exclusive residential area. Attard today is still characterized by large Villas, Character Homes, Townhouses and gardens

The village has many architectural gems. The San Anton Palace, built by Grand Master Antoine de Paule in the late 16th century, is today the residence of the President of Malta. But the highlight is the Parish Church of St Mary (1616) designed by Maltese architect Tumas Dingli. It is regarded as the best Renaissance monument on the Islands.

In spite of its growth, Attard has retained a many open spaces and it continues to be relatively peaceful residential location. San Anton Gardens, with its shaded open courtyards and gardens, is regularly host to plants, flowers, and animals fairs and competitions. Another good part of Attard is still agriculture. Ta' Qali, is recreational parkland with open gardens and national sports facilities. Although not a market town in olden times, Attard now hosts a thriving 'national' vegetable market known as 'il-Pitkalija' on the edge of Ta' Qali, several crafts shops, and a handful of small local manufacture factories.

Attard is host to many important residencies including many Embassies, the residence of the US ambassador, as well as The Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) headquarters. When Pope John Paul II visited Malta in 1990 he stayed in Attard. Members of the judiciary, leading businessmen, journalists and other personalities also live or have kept permanent residence in Attard.

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