Fort Chambray

Fort Chambray

The entire project intends to blend history and contemporaneity in one fell swoop, maintaining the restored fort as a backdrop which effectively highlights the modern facilities with which the newly constructed residential areas are imbued. There is variety, intrigue and absolute finesse in these new buildings which have to live up to the rich historic context in which they are set.

The project is divided in three distinct phases, the first, Phase 1, involving the construction of a number of villas and maisonettes, totalling 74 in all. Some of these properties enjoy their own private pool, however all owners can enjoy the privilege of sharing one large communal pool.

The second phase, Phase 2, includes 64 two-bedroom single units, whilst 21 are two or three bedroom duplex units. Ground floor properties in this segment of building units include terraced spaces, and most of the duplexes include privately owned roofs. Whilst being mostly south-facing which promises great roof gardening opportunities, as well as enjoying unhampered sea vistas, the properties also include some north-facing units which in contrast enjoy full countryside views.

A third phase, Phase 3, completes the entire project of Fort Chambray. This will involve the restoration of the Knights antique barracks and the Polverista where arms and ammunition used to be stored. The latter which will see an effective conversion into commercial spaces with retail outlets, food and beverage outlets as well as enough space for varied entertainment outlets. The entire third phase will be complete with the final construction of 200 residential apartments and a 100-bed boutique spa hotel.

Fort Chambray is considered a Special Designated Area which allows foreign nationals to purchase more than one unit, where it also opens the opportunity to rent out the property as well. Pricing starts at €174,000 - €186,000 where you may enjoy a two bedroom one hundred and twenty three square metre maisonette or apartment. Between €350,000 and €450,000 one will be able to acquire a three bedroom duplex maisonette depending on its floor and placement, whereas at just under €550,000 one may enjoy magnificent sea views from a three bedroom one hundred and seventy six square metres duplex. Villas start at €1,050,200. The developers are also offering different furnishing packages and a turnkey service to ensure that the property will be finished and ready to move into. Fort Chambray has everything to offer for a foreign or local buyer to invest in a second home or new residence.

If you are interested in a property in Fort Chambray we recommend you to browse property for sale in Fort Chambray or browse property to rent in Fort Chambray. You can also contact us directly for more information.

Published: 01 January 2022
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