Property To Let

Property To Let

Renting property in Malta is extremely simple. When seeking a property to let, one may note that rental rates are very reasonable, and vary depending on the location, size, standard of furnishing, and duration of the tenancy.

Across the Maltese Islands, a very wide variety of property to let is available; from maisonettes, to detached villas, to an endless option of apartments. The Inner Harbour region, including St Julian’s, Sliema and Msida are most popular for those looking at working in Malta. Those who prefer to stay away from the hectic city life will find inland, western and southern Malta more appropriate, such areas offering a more relaxed lifestyle and a more authentic feel of the island.

This being said, one may note a steady price increase of property in Malta that can be considered to be one of the key drivers of people investing in property. This, encouraged by the influx of foreigners in the Maltese Islands. Many of these foreigners have settled in Malta for living and working reasons, and are constantly on the lookout for property to let.

Malta’s towns and villages, are well equipped with all basic amenities, also having shopping complexes located in the major localities throughout the country. One may note a varied selection of department stores, health centres and clinics, entertainment hubs and so on. Malta also boasts of a unique nightlife, rich beaches, and beautiful natural environment.

There are no particular expenses regarding property to let, except for estate agents’ fees which normally amount to half a month’s rent, plus VAT. Normally, a sum equivalent to one month’s rent with the lessor, is set as a deposit against breakages and outstanding bills. This deposit is eventually refunded upon the termination date of the lease, or is offset against any pending bills or damages to the inventory as agreed between the parties.

At SQL Real Estate Agencies, we offer only the best selection of property to let, adapted depending on the particular needs of our clients. Our experienced agents provide a professional service, smoothly walking our clients through the process of letting. We aim to help in coordinating or managing any services required, and are prompt to assist in completing any unfinished or unfurnished property.

Published: 01 January 2018
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